Coco Coir media the friend of the environment fast overtaking other medias.


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When only the best will do !!

Coco coir is fast becoming one of the most used growing media in the world today. It’s cheap, it does not get taken from the environment and best of all it does not go to landfill. I’ll explain in more detail in a minute. Read more »


Getting the most out of your nutrient and additives.


When you have selected your nutrient and additives if you are using them. Have a clean reservoir then add the water. A little tip if you are making up big batches is to use a pump to stir. Preferably a strong pump so you can add your nutrients and it get stirred up within seconds. Read more »

Tips and Tricks

Twenty grow tips that are tried and tested.

Hydroponics Dictionary

Grow Tips

  1. Temperature should be in the high twenty’s to early thirties Celsius for grow stage and around 26 degrees Celsius or colder for the bloom cycle. Read more »

Pest Control

Spider Mites and Biological Predators

Hydroponics DictionaryHydroponics Dictionary

The most upsetting thing in gardening is to find your garden the victim of spider mites. Read more »

Does Hydroponic mean organic?

Tips! - Calibrate your Meters!

Calibrate your digital pH and cf meters regularly. Using buffer 4 and buffer 7 for your pH meters and conductivity standard for your cf meter. Without regular calibrating, these meters could be out of skew, and a wrong reading can make a lot of difference.

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Hooked on Hydroponics

Hooked on Hydroponics

As you learn how to grow using hydroponics with these simple hydroponics experiments you may just find yourself taking part in a hobby that is not only exciting, but very educating as well. Hydroponics Dictionary will give you all the resources you need to further your indoor gardening hobby.

You will learn how to create you're very own hydroponic systems that are simple, fast, and easy. Rediscover a new way to grow and garden with educational hydroponics. Hydroponics farming is the future - this website will show you how home made hydroponics will inspire today's youth for tomorrow!

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